Alcohol/ Drugs Addiction

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Alcohol addiction or alcoholism along with the excessive intake of drugs is a habit, disease or mental state that is playing with the lives of millions of people all around the globe. It is a condition where an individual drowns oneself in the lure of alcohol and drugs, leaving them completely oblivious or numb to what is happening around them. It is a disease that completely alters the dynamics of the mind as well as the neurochemistry, leaving them completely unaware of their own actions and reactions

Scientists have conducted numerous studies to get to the root cause of alcohol addiction, but couldn’t put their fingers on a single one. Alcoholism can be born out of the following factors,

  • Genetics
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Socioeconomics
  • Psychological
  • Genetic
  • Behavioral

Why people get trapped in the web of Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

As we have discussed above, alcohol or drug addiction can stem out of the psychological and behavioral factors.

But as per the experienced Indian Astrologer of USA, Master Bharath Astrologer who has been handling the cases of alcohol and drug addiction for the past many years, people get in the trap of Alcohol and Drug Addiction because of the following reasons,

  • To get rid of the visions and the memories of some tragic incident happened in the past
  • To tune out the abuse happening in the family
  • To cope with some emotional trauma
  • If the family history entails alcohol and drug addiction, the chances are that the succeeding generations pick up the habit
  • To keep up with the lifestyle of the peers
  • To handle the work pressure
  • To handle the emotional trauma that accompanies a heartbreak or divorce
  • To tune out the visions of a childhood trauma

Who can pull you out from this life-altering habit?

Master Bharath Astrologer is a famous Indian Astrologer in the USA who is known for his expertise and supremacy in the field of Vedic Astrology and its accompanying branches. He has a solution for every problem known to mankind, courtesy of his astrology knowledge he has been gaining from a very tender age. Till now he has handled over 1000+ cases where people are stuck in this mind and nerve numbing addiction with the incorporation his astrology remedies.

Astrology and Alcohol/ Drugs Addiction

      • 11th, the 12th, and the 2nd are the houses associated with the alcohol and drug addiction.
      • The placement of the malefic planets like Saturn and Rahu in these houses can lead a person to alcohol and drug addiction.
      • Mars in the 11th or 3rdhouse of the horoscope pushes people to alcohol addiction.
      • Venus is also one of the planets responsible for drugs addiction.

Astrology Remedies for Alcohol/ Drugs Addiction

  • On Tuesdays and Saturdays, make rice flour laddoos and circle them around the victim
  • Feed these laddoos to the black dogs and keep an eye contact with the dog
  • Do this ritual for 43 days or 1 month

How can you reach Master Bharath Astrologer?

To meet Master Bharath Astrologer, give him a phone call or book an appointment online to avail the benefits of his Vedic Astrology Services and solutions.