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There is a massive increase in the number of court cases. People are already drilled with their life stress and tensions, court cases add it more. It has become a part of people’s lives all over the world. Every second person you meet is dealing with one or other court case. The most common court cases are-

What are his specializations?

  • Divorce Case
  • Property Case
  • Family Dispute Case
  • Child Custody
  • Murder Case
  • Suicide Case
  • Rape Case
  • Robbery Case
  • Income Tax Fraud
  • Physical Abuse
  • Child Abuse Case
  • Domestic Violence Case

Above are some of the most common yet major court cases which involve a long procedure. It involves wastage of a lot of money and time. No matter how long the court case is or what the nature of the court case is either, personal or professional. The one thing that is common it takes away the peace of mind of the person who is involved in the matter. Regular meetings with the advocates, court hearings, it drains your energy as well as money. In case you lost the case the entire process goes into vain.

Whom should you connect with?

If you or your loved ones are stuck in the court cases problems and want to get a relief immediately then, you can seek the help of an astrologer. When lawyers, policemen, doctors, engineers can’t help at that time astrology supports. With the help of astrology, one can know the positioning and movements of their planets and stars and can work accordingly.

The several positions that make a person stuck in a court case for a long period of time-

  • The unfavorable position of the Grahan Yoga
  • The bad influence of the planets on the 6th house of your horoscope.
  • Undesirable and wrong placements of planets like Sun and Rahu, Mars and Ketu.

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