Kali Mata Prayers

Worship the Goddess of Energy

and Mother of Warriors of Lightst

Maa Kali is considered as the fiercest form of MaaDurga, a powerful source of energy and the fierce mother of the warriors of lights. Though fierce she has a subtle way of protecting her devotees and those who follow her religiously and with all their heart and soul. She stands on guard for the protection of her devotees by eliminating the shadows of negativity, evil spirits, and black arts, the malicious acts, and demons which even the Supreme Being Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu could not end. Her birth happened with the specific reason of achieving the unachievable by destructing every evil power and intention that gets in the way of her worshippers.

How Kali Mata Prayers Can Benefit You and Your Life?

Krishna Pandit Astrologer is the ardent devotee of Maa Kali and by heart knows all the Kali Mata prayers and mantras that can benefit everyone’s life.

Some of the famous Kali Mata Mantras

“Om Krim Kali”
ॐ क्रीं काली
“Om HrimShreemKlimAdyaKalikaParamEshwariSwaha”

ॐ हरिंश्रींकलिंअद्यकालिकापरम्एष्वरीस्वा:

“Om Kali, Kali! Om Kali, Kali!
Namostute, Namostute, namo!
Namostute, Namostute, namo!”

“KringKringKringHingKringDakshineKalikeKringKringKringHringHring Hung HungSwaha”

कृन्गकृन्गकृन्गहिन्गकृन्गदक्षिणेकलिकेकृन्गकृन्गकृन्गहरिनगहरिनग हुन्ग हुन्गस्वा:

“Om Sri MahaKalikayaiNamaha”


Every Kali Mata Mantra is there to offer your different benefits targeting the different aspects of your life.

    • By regular reciting the Kali Mata prayers you can see the flow of courage and strength in your life
    • You will achieve new heights in business and career with unparalleled progress in every sphere of life.
    • You will fill your life filled to the brim with renewed positivity and stability.
    • These mantras will secure your life and safeguard you from every negativity and evil energy by making a Suraksha Chakra around you.
    • Any physical ailment or illness will reach it’s early demise and will decrease the chances of you suffering from any health issue in future
    • Kali mata will wipe off every dosh and bad yog that prevents you from marrying the person you would like to. The reason why she is worshipped during the Kundali Matching.
    • You will become proficient in taking the good and effective decisions in your life and can easily segregate goodfrom the bad.

Who can help you with the kali Mata Prayers?

Krishna Pandit Astrologer is the famous Indian Astrologer in USA who is proficient in performing Pujas of various Hindu Deities and thus can help your perform kali Mata Prayers with finesse.