Palm Reading

What is Palm Reading?

Palm reading for some is considered as a shady trick or the means for the astrologers to fill up their pockets to the brim my triggering the emotional values of the people and making them fall for the fake bluff.
But, to tell you honestly, Palm reading is more than that. It is a very useful mean to get the hold of the insights of the future and is a very ancient form of divination that Rishi, munis used to employ to offer people a better outlook of their past, present, and future. More practical than tarot reading, rune casting and the analysis of one’s horoscope, palm reading is the study that entails what a person has possessed from the time of their birth and what he/she will have in the future.

What are the principles of Palm Reading?

A Palm Reading isn’t just the careful analysis and the examination of the lines of the palm; it is also the measure of what the length of each line, the size of the fingers, the shape of the thumb and the length of the palm indicate about the present, past and the future life of an individual.

The palm reading commences with the study of three major lines,

Life Line – Indicates your health and the path your life will take, whether good or bad. The depth of the headline points towards the fact that you will lead a very smooth life.
Upward – Positive changes or recovery
Downward – Negative changes or recovery

Head Line– With headline one can get to know everything related to their mental health – intelligence, intuition, the strength of your will, how you perceive and react to things, places and situations. The length of the headline indicates your ability to react to circumstances in life and how you make important decisions
The depth of the line indicates a healthy mental state and a very sharp mind and intellect.

Heart Line– Also known as the love line, it indicates the future of your love life, how well you cope with your emotions and handle very decision pertaining to your heart, including your friends, family and your significant other.

Depth– A thick and deeper line indicates that you are very serious in regards to your love and familial relationships. A lighter line pushes you on the back seat of dedicatedly maintaining your love life.

How Can Palm Reading benefit you and your life?

Palm reading is a very useful tool that tells a person a lot about their personal, professional, and social life and what changes in their lifestyle they can make to enrich and enhance them further provided by a palm reading session done by an experienced and highly reputed astrologer.

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How can you reach Krishna Pandit Astrologer?

To meet Krishna Pandit Astrologer, give him a phone call or book an appointment online to avail the benefits of his Palm reading sessions.